Meet the people of Portobello Market in a brand new book

Portobello Voices has just been published by local author Blanche Girouard, who grew up just off Portobello Road and has always loved the market.

In the book Blanche presents a collection of the wonderful characters who make Portobello Market the vibrant place it is, capturing the lives and loves of 33 traders, customers and locals whose stories are entwined with the market’s.

Portobello Voices book cover

From an antique dealer to rubbish collector, sausage seller to fur coat vendor, Afghan battery seller to public school entrepreneur, they tell their stories in their own words and along the way explain how to spot a fake, store a fur and make a tin pan.

We discover what lies behind an obsession with collection and a passion for buttons and hear how experiences of loss, abandonment and estrangement led people to choose a life as a market trader.

Giving a unique insight into the market behind the scenes, past and present, Portobello Voices is available in local bookshops now.

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