Magical new art on Portobello Road

Like magic – two photos of the same image taken from different angles

Visit the northern end of Portobello Road to see some fascinating works by local artist Albert Kueh – works with a hidden surprise. The surprise? The photographs are made using a clever process called lenticular printing, so that you’ll see a different image depending on your angle of view.

You’ll find the art on Portobello Road, between Oxford Gardens and Golborne Road, where there’s a long stretch of brick wall which once bordered a nunnery, now a modern housing estate.


Most people start a visit to the market from the southern, Notting Hill Gate End, and many don’t make it all the way north to the Golborne Road Market. That’s a real shame, because there are dozens of fascinating stalls, shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries up at the north end. And now Albert Kueh’s intriguing and compelling art makes the journey northwards all the more worthwhile.

Watch this short film about ‘Opposites’:

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