Three of the best – episode 6

In this month’s episode of Three of the Best we’ve got some of life’s essentials – fruit and veg, shoes and mobile phone accessories. Read on…

Cheryl Collins – Fruit & Veg

Cheryl Collins is the fourth generation of the Collins family to run one of the best stalls anywhere to buy your beautifully fresh fruit and veg. Working with Cheryl is her daughter Arabella, making it five generations.
Getting up at 4 am every morning to buy her stock, Cheryl has been serving up quality produce for 45 years, and her family has been on Portobello for a century. You’ll find Cheryl down the market on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, just opposite the Electric Cinema at 191 Portobello Road.

Erez Best – Shoes

Erez Best sells shoes, everything from formal business shoes to elegant women’s dress shoes, trainers and slippers. Originally from Israel, Erez has been selling shoes for 25 years, and for the last nine years on Portobello Market. His shoes come from makers all around the world including Poland, Spain and India.
What you’ll immediately notice when you visit his stall is that his footwear has real quality, but it’s a lot cheaper than almost anywhere else. Erez is on Portobello every day except Thursday and Sunday. On weekdays, he’s just outside Tesco at 224 Portobello Road and on Saturdays a bit further north, near the railway bridge.

Jasbir – Mobile Phone Accessories

Jasbir’s stall, Mobile Phone Accessories, sells just what you’d expect from the name, accessories for your mobile phone, and he’s been on Portobello for five years. The stall has phone cases with every imaginable design from Union Jacks to polka dots. You’ll find headphones, bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, adapters and chargers.
The stall also stocks everything you could possibly need for your tablet, whether it’s an Apple or an Android. Jasbir is on the market on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. He’s outside Sainsbury’s at 188 Portobello Road on weekdays, and under the railway bridge on Saturdays.

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