Live Theatre at Portobello Road’s Acklam Village


There’s yet another good reason to come to Portobello and Golborne Road markets – three weeks of live theatre starting on Friday, October 21st in the Acklam Village Theatre Bay, just by the junction of Portobello Road and Cambridge Gardens.

Come down to Portobello and Golborne for some of Europe’s best shopping, enjoy some excellent street food or a restaurant meal, and stop off for a drink at one the many bars and cafes. Then treat yourself to some thought-provoking drama, with shows starting on Friday 21st October and running until Sunday 6th November, with show times at 4.00 or 7.30pm.

Two productions are being mounted as part of the Nour Festival of Arts, a celebration of all that’s best in contemporary arts and culture from the Middle East and North Africa, in venues across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is sponsoring the Festival.

The opening night on Friday, October 21st launches at 7.30pm with a performance of When Nobody Returns by Brian Woolland. The play combines the Mediterranean worlds of Homeric myth and the present day.


Saturday, 22nd October at 4.00pm sees the first performance of This Flesh Is Mine, also by Brian Woollard. This work brings together Homer’s Troy and the Middle East of today: worlds shaken by cycles of violence and revenge.

What: Tow plays, When Nobody Returns and This Flesh Is Mine

Where: Acklam Village Theatre Bay, 4 Acklam Road, London W10 5TY, just by the junction of Portobello Road and Cambridge Gardens

When: Click here for a full schedule of dates and times for When Nobody Returns, and here for This Flesh is mine.


2016 Nour Festival of Arts – full programme and details

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