Experience InTRANSIT at Portobello Road market!

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Enjoy free public arts and culture this summer!

A series of giant sandcastles produced in conjunction with the Museum of Architecture will pop up across the Royal Borough during June as part of the InTRANSIT festival. Market visitors will find one designed by vPPR Architects (inspired by Aldo Rossi’s 1987 Lighthouse Theatre) situated in the pedestrianised square at the junction of Tavistock Road and Portobello Road in W11.

Mr Danger (don’t worry, he’s really safe)

Mr Danger brings his Really Safe Show to Portobello Road market on 10 and 17 June 2017

In addition to the sandcastles other highlights of the festival, which runs from Thursday 8 June to Sunday 25 June, include two visits to the market by Mr Danger (comedian Sam Quinn) over two consecutive Saturdays, 10 and 17 June. On his first visit Mr Danger will have a market stall just south of Lancaster Road. He will return the following week for a day of ‘daredevil’ stunts, with a finale in Tavistock Road square W11 near the sandcastle at 2pm.

Get off the beaten path: more to explore near Portobello Road market!

There are many more artistic and cultural things to see and do within a five minute walk of Portobello Road:

  • An immersive exploration of JG Ballard’s novel Concrete Island by artist Charlie Warde in Bay 20 under the Westway motorway next to St Marks Road (FREE).
  • Kindred Studios, home to nearly 100 artists and makers, open their doors to the public on 17 & 18 June from 10am to 6pm (next to Bay 20 under the Westway motorway near St Marks Road – FREE).
  • An exhibition of artwork by local pupils aged 3 to 18 at The Tabernacle W11 (FREE).
  • The annual Portobello Pavilion in Powis Square with events and activities for the duration of the festival (FREE).
  • A chance to make your own TV advert at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising on 11 & 25 June (FREE with museum entrance).
Make your own advert at the Museum of Brands on 11 & 25 June!

For a full programme go to http://www.intransitfestival.co.uk or follow @intransitfest on Twitter.

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